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How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Summer is here and staying hydrated is critical.  The human body can go weeks without food, but death can occur within days, sometimes even hours without water.  The very young and the very old are much more susceptible to the effects of dehydration.  Most of us aren’t in danger of death by dehydration, but many of us do live in a state of chronic dehydration, resulting in chapped lips, dry skin, fatigue, acid-alkaline imbalance, thirst, dry mouth, high blood pressure, skin disorders, joint pain, accelerated aging,  etc.

Here’s the simple calculation to figure your daily water requirement:

Take your bodyweight and divide by 2= ounces of water you should drink per day.

In the morning, fill a container with your required ounces and drink it throughout the day until it’s gone.  If plain water doesn’t appeal to you, jazz it up: add cucumber slices, lemon, lime, frozen berries, crushed mint leaves, herbal tea, fruit juice ice cubes, etc.  Discover what is palatable for you.  Coffee, soda, black teas don’t count toward your hydration goal because they are acidic beverages.

Once you really experience what it feels like to be properly hydrated you won’t need to calculate your ounces in the morning any longer.  If you break a sweat during the day (yeah!) add 6-8 more ounces of water to your requirement.


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